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Scanography: Camera-less photography!

by Georgia Lange and Stephanie Ferguson

Are you technologically challenged? Does your busy life leave no time for that photography or painting class you’ve always wanted to take? If you are still yearning for a creative outlet, scanography may be for you. With both fine-art and commercial applications, this is a marvelous tool that just about anyone can use and have fun with. If you have access to a flatbed scanner, you can create beautiful images that Continue reading

Greeting Cards: Simple, Fun, Classy and Budget Conscious

by Kimberly Foster

In today’s economy, every penny counts.  Making classy, creative, expensive-looking greeting cards, invitations, place cards, bookmarks, and envelopes to match, will fit into any budget.   All you really need are 3 things to get started, and chances are good that you already have them: paper, glue and scissors.

You can actually create your own cards and envelopes with any type of paper you choose, but if you just want to dive right into decoration, you may want to start out with ready made blank cards and envelopes. Blank cards are a perfect way to get started making professional looking cards even if you are just beginning.  They truly leave you little room for error!

So, once you’ve either purchased or made your blank cards, it’s time for the really fun part. Continue reading