What is a Protective Closure Sleeve?

By David Heyman

Crystal clear sleeves have an adhesive strip to seal the bags against dust, dirt, bugs and fingerprints, keeping your greeting cards and photographs in pristine condition. This adhesive strip is the key difference in a protective closure style sleeve.

Standard and protective closure sleeves

With standard sleeves, this adhesive layer is on the back of the flap. Simply pull off the cellophane liner, fold the flap over and the bag automatically seals. This works well for most uses, as the sleeve is protecting your contents, while allowing for removal of the item if necessary. Your cards or photos can be changed out, as the sleeves can be re-sealed several times.

However, if you anticipate that the contents of the sleeve will need to be removed several times, the protective closure style of sleeve is a better option. These are exactly the same as the regular sleeves, except the adhesive strip is on the back of the bag, instead of on the flap. This leaves no adhesive on the flap, allowing you to remove your item without fear of your cards catching and tearing on the adhesive flap. P.C. sleeves are also recommended for any larger items, such as 11″ x 14″ sleeves for matted prints, as the larger the item, the more likely it is to tear on the standard adhesive sleeves.

Torn card from standard sleeve

Protective closure sleeves are an inexpensive safeguard for your creations.

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