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Cardmaking Made Easy

A friend recently asked me to try out the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion (UCC), the latest in cardmaking accessories from Crafter’s Companion, but frankly I was skeptical. What could this “little pink suitcase” do for me that I couldn’t accomplish with a ruler, paper cutter and scissors? While I usually jump at the chance to acquire new crafting tools, I wasn’t convinced that this was really anything different from what I already had. Boy, was I wrong. Actually, I was blown away.

Easy Folding
My first discovery was a simple but important one—the ease of folding cardstock. Anyone who has tried making their own cards knows the frustration of folding the cardstock, only to discover it is slightly uneven. Refolding looks awful. I was amazed to discover that the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion  provided a way to fold any size card in half in seconds, with perfect, professional results every time. No measuring, no guessing, and no mistakes. I’m a fan of saving time, so this was a good introduction to this new product. And it only got better.

After watching the instructional DVD I couldn’t wait to get started making the unique cards, envelopes and boxes I saw demonstrated. They even have what they call an “envelobox” for extra thick cards. I love the idea of being able to make a perfectly sized envelope for any size card, add a contrasting liner and even emboss the flap. I had never been able to master the art of making envelopes, but it will never be a problem again. The creative possibilities are endless.

Make your own gift boxes
Once I tried boxes I couldn’t stop making beautiful gift boxes. Just in time for the holidays! The lids fit perfectly – no measuring on my part. This system is fabulous. Just like the envelopes, the UCC folks have done all the thinking and measuring for you.

Ultimate Crafter's Companion

Ultimate Crafter’s Companion

Speaking of holidays, this winter I’ll be sending out some stunning cards—without the stunningly high price tag. Join me in tackling some fun holiday projects.