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Add Natural Texture of Mulberry Paper to an Image

High resolution photos are hard to find without purchasing. If you are looking for photos to use as backgrounds in your artwork, look no further. To download this week’s image, click on it. When the high resolution copy appears, right click on it to copy or save it.

The 11×17-inch scanned image of mulberry paper can be used as a background in graphic design or photo illustration, crafts or greeting cards, and gives the appearance of natural texture. Any time you are printing and desire a paper color and texture other than white, consider scanning a natural, handmade paper, where each sheet is unique.

mulberry paper thumbnail

Terms of Use: You can use this image for anything you wish (e.g. advertising, printed materials, product packaging, presentations, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, book covers, etc.) as long as you do not copyright it or resell it. Oak Creek Printworks and Oak Creek Marketplace, Inc. are not liable for any damages incurred by your use of the image. ©2011 Oak Creek Printworks

Loretta Needs a Bookmark Sleeve

Loretta needs a bookmark sleeveWhat Loretta needs is a bookmark to save her spot. But Loretta’s kind of messy, so Oswald thinks she should protect it with a crystal clear vinyl bookmark sleeves.  Otis figures that Loretta would want to dress up her bookmark by adding a decorative 4-inch chainette tassel, which is available in over 40 different colors.

Save by combining the bookmark sleeve with a tassel by buying the sleeve and tassel combo set.

bookmark sleeve and tassel combo


Order Number 10,000 – Compliments of the House

up to $100 FreeAs we at Oak Creek Printworks celebrate our eighth year in business, we are quickly approaching order number 10,000!† It’s truly an exciting milestone for us, and we want to thank each and every one of our customers for your support in our efforts to supply printing, packaging, presentation and display products for artists selling prints and greeting cards.

*Because we want to include our customers in our celebration of this achievement, we’re awarding the lucky customer who “scores” sales order #10,000 with a refund of $100 on orders over $100. If sales order #10,000 is under $100, it will be refunded in full. We’re not too fond of rules, so we only have this one: orders placed by the same customer within 48 hrs. of another order are ineligible for this offer, and the next eligible order will qualify for the award. Customer’s name, image and website link will be published in our blog only if requested.

As our gift to the recipient of order number 10,000, we can hardly wait to give $100 back to you!

†NOTE: Order #10,000 was placed on July 4th and Oak Creek Printworks awarded the customer a total of $67.43, officially ending the promotion.