Foam Core Mount Boards

Acid Free Foam Core and Crescent Perfect Mount Boards‚Äč

Oak Creek Printworks is proud to introduce our new selection of mounting and backing boards. We now carry a full line of Acid-Free Foam Core and Perfect Mount mounting boards.

Our pre-cut Foam Core, made by Bainbridge, is 100% cotton, acid-free and the finest quality available. Offered in both 1/8" and 3/16" thicknesses, we stock all standard sizes, from 2x3 wallet sizes to 18x24. Unlike the standard foam core sold elsewhere, ours will never turn yellow or harm your work, making our museum quality foamboards a perfect compliment to our archival mats. We also now carry a complete selection of acid-free Black Foam Core, a great match to our Ivory Black Alphamats and for any dramatic mounting applications.

Crescent Perfect Mount is a self adhesive mounting board, acid-free and buffered to protect your work. It allows for easy repositioning until firm pressure is applied, which creates a permanent bond. Sold in all standard sizes. Why spend lots of money at the frame store to dry mount your prints and photos, when you can acheive perfect results yourself, with Perfect Mount!

An archival backing and mounting board will help keep your work looking like new for generations to come.

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