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Short Run Printing is Our Specialty


Ganesha’s Advice is just one of several greeting cards focusing on allegorical art that Oak Creek Printworks has printed for artist, Roe LiBretto. You can view more of Roe’s art at  http://www.roelibrettofineart.com.

Oak Creek Printworks has been printing greeting cards and small prints for artists and photographers since 2003.

The cards Oak Creek printed for me are beautiful! The color accuracy and paper quality are more than I expected from an online service. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thanks for all your help.

Roe LiBretto

Greeting cards are a money-maker for the artist, with the market bearing a 200- to 300-percent mark-up. We print any size greeting card and all come standard with envelopes. Cards are printed on your choice of beautiful smooth white, acid-free archival quality 100 lb. matte cover stock, or 100 lb. coated gloss cover. To finish, we hand crease, fold and inspect each and every card for assured quality.

A2 is the industry ID for a card that folds to 4.25″x5.5′”. The A6 folds to 4.625″x6.25″, A7 is 5″x7″ and A9 folds to 5.5″x8.5″. We also print panoramas that fold to 9.125″x4″ to fit in a #10 business-size envelope, and squares that fold to 5.25″x5.25″ and come with a 5.5″ square envelope.

If you need cards for gift bags or floral arrangements and want to go small, we print gift cards, which are tiny notecards, measuring only 2.25″x3.25″ when folded. We’ll also drill holes or include envelopes to match.

Check out Oak Creek Printworks Custom Printing and online design tool today to start earning money on your art.

Print bins display prints in a variety of sizes

clear acrylic

Clear acrylic print bin lets browsers focus on prints, not container. The smaller prints shown here are 8x10", doubled matted with foam core back, the medium prints are 11x14", and the large are 16x20".

This clear acrylic print bin is a handy solution for storing, carrying and displaying matted prints. Molded from a single sheet of eighth-inch acrylic with two handles, the 12-inch wide display stands 9.25 inches high on a counter top or table.

The angled arms of this elegant display make it easy for visitors to flip through a dozen or more images without disrupting the viewing area.

The print bin is a no-brainer solution for artists and photographers who want to make a variety of images available for viewing in limited space. When off duty, this multi-purpose container can moonlight in the bathroom or den as a magazine or newspaper rack.


Spring Art Fairs

by Nancy Haberman

It’s officially springtime, the start of a season of art fairs, craft shows and holiday boutiques…in other words, a prime time for artists to earn extra money selling matted prints, greeting cards, bookmarks and other printed products.

If you can reproduce your artwork, whether it’s photography, painting or another artistic medium, then you can create a marketable product at an affordable price.

Make an attractive presentation with a ready-to-frame, professionally cut, 4-ply acid-free, archival mat, back and bag combo. The mat protects the print from contact with the glass and serves to focus the viewer’s attention on the artwork, and away from the frame. The foam core backing is extremely lightweight, yet sturdy enough to provide protection for artwork. The crystal clear bag with peel ’n’ strip adhesive closure protects artwork from dust and fingerprints.

A big part of an art show is the experience of browsing through a variety of art from multiple artists. Artists have used everything from plate racks to orange crates to present their prints. To create a professional appearance and easy accessibility to your artwork, consider easy to transport canvas or acrylic print displays and greeting card spinners.

A little wisdom for the struggling artist

by Georgia Lange

There are many us artists out there who find it difficult to turn our art into thriving businesses. It is enough of a challenge for us to create the art to begin with; when it comes to actually exhibiting and selling our work, a lot of us start to feel stuck with questions as to how this can be accomplished. There are, of course, many exceptional artists who simply have a knack for the business and marketing of their work. Others hire representatives to help them deal with these issues. If you fall under the latter, good for you! If not, and you are feeling a little lost at “marketing” sea, Sylvia White is your lighthouse.

Sylvia White has been offering career advice for artists since 1979 as it relates to exhibitions, business, and marketing. If you have a question regarding the development of your career as an artist, her advice articles will be of great value to you.

Check out Sylvia White’s site for more information.

And thank you, Sylvia, for the wonderful wisdom you are willing to share! We are eternally grateful!