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Easy photo mounting

By David Heyman

One problem that can arise when displaying photographs is the appearance of wrinkles and bubbles in the print over time. This is caused by changes in temperature and humidity affecting the paper, as well as the effects of gravity pulling on different areas of the image to different degrees, causing warping and wrinkles. This can happen whether your photographs are in mats, gallery presentation packages or have been framed.

For a smooth, flawless surface, photographic prints need to be mounted to a sturdy board. While dry mounting produces excellent results, it is expensive and requires large, heavy equipment, or time consuming trips to the custom frame store. An easier method, that you can do yourself at home, is to mount the prints on a self adhesive mounting board, such as Crescent Perfect Mount.

Simply place the board on a flat, clean surface, peel off the liner paper, then place your print squarely on the mounting board. If the print is large you need to start from one side, and work your way down the print, making sure there are no air bubbles trapped underneath the paper. Cover the mounted print with the liner paper, and apply firm pressure, from the center towards the sides, to release any trapped air.

Put a weight on top of the package for 24 hours, and then your print is ready for display.