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Artist’s Block: 10 Techniques To Get You Through

You thought it was just the writers? Not true! Artists get “blocked” too. If you, like many others, find a blank canvas rather daunting to stare at while trying to think up your next subject, here are a couple of techniques to help get your creative juices flowing.

Intuitive Approaches

  1. Research: Start looking for images that you like, or ones that consist of certain elements that you would like to incorporate into your own work. Look up artists that you like and analyze what it is that you find appealing in their works.
  2. Take Pictures: This is another means research, one that comes directly from you. Taking pictures helps us generate ideas and allows us to experiment without too much effort.
  3. Sketches: Sketches are also a means of research. Sketch what is in front of you; doodle any ideas that are floating around in your head. The important thing is Continue reading