Get your business card noticed

By David Heyman

Business cards are such a common marketing tool that many times they lose impact, are easily lost or put in a drawer and the design of many of them is quite forgettable.

Take this under-utilized advertisement of your business to the next level with some simple tips to make sure that no one ever tosses away your business card again:

  • Put your cards into a clear business card sleeve. When sealed, this will protect your card from dirt and fingerprints, and ensure that your smooth, plastic coated card stands out in a pile of business cards.

Unsealed and sealed bags with business card

  • To make an even bigger impact, use a piece of foam core to back your business card inside a sleeve. This adds depth, and such an inherent value to your card, that no one will think of throwing it away!
  • Print your cards on a textured, matte stock. 20 years ago, most business cards were printed on this type of paper. Now, with the advent of cheap digital color printers, everyone’s card is glossy and color. A retro textured effect has a lot of impact.
  • Mount your card onto Perfect Mount, giving it the durability and strength of cardboard.
  • When handing your cards out at conventions or large marketing events, use clear boxes or vinyl holders to group your cards together, for a classy presentation.
Business Card Box

Clear Plastic Business Card Box

Business cards are an inexpensive way to get your name out to your customers. With these tips, you can be sure that your marketing efforts will get the maximum impact.

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