Give Yourself Permission to Create

Writers get it and artists do, too. From time to time, we all feel blocked. Some may wait until inspiration strikes, but those on a deadline to produce a “finished product” can’t always afford the luxury of waiting for the muse. Sometimes we need to go out and track the muse down.

As a young journalism student I was instructed to begin typing and keep typing, ignoring mistakes. Usually about the 5th or 6th paragraph important information would begin to emerge. It’s easy enough afterwards to go back and cut.

Eventually I learned that the same principle applied to my photography, illustration, design, and painting. While some instructors insisted on a plan, it was rarely my style, and I later found much support for the approach that let the art lead the way.

As a teacher I’ve heard many reasons for not making art. What’s holding you back? What are your fears? There is no failure. Set aside a regular time slot for your art. Make an appointment with yourself and by all means, Give Yourself Permission.
Click here to download a PDF file saved as a high resolution, printable permission slip.

permission slip

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