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Loretta Needs a Bookmark Sleeve

Loretta needs a bookmark sleeveWhat Loretta needs is a bookmark to save her spot. But Loretta’s kind of messy, so Oswald thinks she should protect it with a crystal clear vinyl bookmark sleeves.  Otis figures that Loretta would want to dress up her bookmark by adding a decorative 4-inch chainette tassel, which is available in over 40 different colors.

Save by combining the bookmark sleeve with a tassel by buying the sleeve and tassel combo set.

bookmark sleeve and tassel combo


Oswald introduces the characters at Oak Creek Comics

Oak Creek Comics Intro

Oak Creek Comics is all about encouraging individuals to follow their passion, whether that passion happens to be creating or collecting art.

Comics, graphic novels, newspapers, magazines, Anime, note cards, greeting cards, baseball cards, Magic The Gathering® cards, etc. all have something in common. Artists want to preserve and protect their artwork, either for storage or for sale. Collectors want to protect their paper collectibles.

To that end, the characters at Oak Creek are following their passion by introducing Oak Creek Comics. From time to time, the Oak Creek Comics characters will appear in strips published on the Oak Creek Printworks blog, introducing you to the land, art and artists of Oak Creek.

And don’t forget, we’re always interested in helping artists follow their passion, so tell us what your passion is. Maybe we’ll feature your artwork and your story on our blog, and maybe you’ll be our next “featured artist.”

As always, we’re standing by to help you protect and display your artwork. Visit the Oak Creek Printworks Store to view the wide range of products for packaging and presenting artwork in any format.

If you’d like to see more Oak Creek Comics, then let’s go visit Oswald and the gang.