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Following the Dream on Throwback Thursday


Very few people understood what we Mac Fanatics were up to in 1987 (let alone 1985), but I was following my dream of designing and printing from the desktop. The following month I made the business official and called myself Desktop Design. Today is little Joey’s 36th birthday. He currently works for Disney Studios as a Global Analyst. Happy Birthday, Joey!

Must-have business card sleeves for smart networkers

clear vinyl business card holderI’d been looking for an inexpensive giveaway to market my business at chamber and networking events, so when I ran across these clear vinyl business cards sleeves I realized that they are a ready-made promotional item for anyone who carries or collects business cards.

Not only will the holders help me promote my business, but they really are useful for the recipient, as well. I appreciate the fact that the card cases are inexpensive, and the more you buy, the less they cost. Because the vinyl is crystal clear, you can see easily see the card through the plastic so four faces are visible. The carrying case is sturdy, yet flexible enough to pack up to a couple of dozen cards, and folds to easily carry in a wallet, purse or pocket.

As it turned out, I wasn’t the only person who thought this was the best marketing tool for networking to come along since the calendar pen (I’ll save that one for another post). Now my fellow networkers are ordering these business card cases by the hundreds, so they can fill them with their cards to pass out to people they meet that might require their products or services. And, they especially love the fact that they can fill the case with any cards or message since no imprinting is required, making them extremely versatile when it comes to personalization. This card case is an inexpensive business marketing tool.


Download these quality freebies

Every once in awhile we run across offers that we like to pass along to you. Here are two:

Free Organizing Desktop Calendar Application

Efficiency is all about being organized. Whether you are trying to remember doctor appointments or need to schedule a client’s work, it’s easier to stay on top of things if you’re organized. The free Rainlendar desktop organizer widget can help you do that with multiple calendar views, to do lists, task lists, and event lists, not to mention alarms. It also supports other widgets such as weather, rss feeds, tv schedule, and more.

You can get the free version here or if you like to stay on the cutting edge, you may want to test the latest beta version. The latest beta version is a the bottom of the page.

Free ebook – ABCs of Success

Sick and tired of all the conflicting info about how to succeed? Feel like you’ve thrown too much money down the drain on things that didn’t help? Here is a free ebook to help you figure out what went wrong and how to get back on track.

Thomas Anderson shares his personal experience that millions can relate to. Grab his straight to the point ebook, A, B, C’s Of Success, to find how you can make your dreams and plans come true. Download it here, and feel free to share it with friends or on your own blog: A-B-Cs-of-Success.