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Celebrating 10 Years Featuring Artists

Here at Oak Creek Printworks (OCPW) we began with an idea—help artists who are making greeting cards and prints market themselves using the internet. Starting in 2003 with an Etsy-like site, we tried helping artists sell their artwork, but soon found that we could be of more service to more artists by searching out the best packaging, presentation and display items and assembling them on a single, easy-to-use online site.

During the past ten years, we have featured dozens of artists and continue to do so, spotlighting three to four each year. As we approach 2013 and the year of our 10th Anniversary, we thought it would be fitting to provide an update to let you know what they are up to today. We have devoted six pages in our current print catalog to our former featured artists, and will post highlights periodically on the OCPW Blog.

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Angela Sharkey (2009)

Angela Sharkey 2012 show poster

As an artist I am thrilled to be continuing my work as an art curator for the Tri-Mission Art Gallery at the US Embassy in Rome, Italy.  This job has proven to be very rewarding and I have grown as an artist myself.

I have gained a new perspective on art and life as an artist as I listen with excitement to the gallery artists as they explain their mediums with such passion—whether it be sculpture, painting, photography, mixed media, or textile art.

Promoting these artists and their art to the US Embassy community brings people together and has been an inspiration for everyone involved.
On March 8th I was honored to be a part of the Women’s Day celebration at the French Embassy, Palazzo Farnese in Rome with my art work.

For this show I painted a new abstract painting “My Garden” on a 100mx100m canvas.  This painting was painted during the big snow storm in Rome 2012. I was 1 of 10 international women artists representing the power of women for positive change in our world.  It was a wonderful experience to show my work in such a beautiful building surrounded by history and talented women.

My next solo show will be October 2012 at the Tri-Mission Art Gallery, Rome, Italy.  In the upcoming year I look forward to working with mosaics and painting in the country side of Italy with the warm sun on my face.