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Photography Competition: Call for Entries

Communication Arts magazine is having its annual juried photography competition! This is one of the most prestigious competitions in the industry and a great opportunity for all photographers! The deadline for entries is March 26, 2010. For more information, click here. Good luck!

Type as background provides TEXTure for art

by Georgia Lange

The trend of using text as a texture in art is one that is increasing in popularity. There are many different ways in which to incorporate this technique, and it can be applied to many different trades, including fine art, illustration, graphic design, and digital photography. One of the most interesting aspects of this technique is that it can be manipulated to suit just about any artist’s style. One method, which is most commonly used amongst graphic designers, is to use text to fill or create a shape. Another method, one of the most popular, Continue reading

Greeting Cards: Simple, Fun, Classy and Budget Conscious

by Kimberly Foster

In today’s economy, every penny counts.  Making classy, creative, expensive-looking greeting cards, invitations, place cards, bookmarks, and envelopes to match, will fit into any budget.   All you really need are 3 things to get started, and chances are good that you already have them: paper, glue and scissors.

You can actually create your own cards and envelopes with any type of paper you choose, but if you just want to dive right into decoration, you may want to start out with ready made blank cards and envelopes. Blank cards are a perfect way to get started making professional looking cards even if you are just beginning.  They truly leave you little room for error!

So, once you’ve either purchased or made your blank cards, it’s time for the really fun part. Continue reading

Papercut design leads to Louie Award winning cards

by Nancy Haberman

My fascination with paper cutting and paper crafting began in the 70s at an exhibition of Jewish folkart at the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles. To be honest it probably began in kindergarten when I was given a pair of scissors and colored construction paper, but then that would be a different post.

I suppose an attraction to the graphic nature of paper cuts is not uncommon given that many religious and cultural traditions have used paper cutting in their folk art and marriage documents for centuries. I saw a lot of this kind of art on the walls of friends and family – they are part of my earliest memories.

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Simple paper cutting makes colorful jewelry

by Kimberly Foster

A single piece of paper can create several pieces of beautiful, hand-made jewelry. The paper you use should be relatively thin and pliable; other than that, the possibilities are endless.  Use anything from decorative hand-made paper to old magazines and scraps you’d normally throw away!

Other supplies:

Artist medium or white glue
Strong jewelry cord or dental floss
Large needle or toothpick
Paper cutter or scissors

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