Monthly Archives: October 2008

Images Show Through Clear Packaging

Frequently, we receive emails from artists who have questions about packaging their artwork, in this case, note cards.

I am packaging two each of four different images in an A2-1/2 clear plastic box. How can I present them so the customer can see all of the images they are buying?

We recommend artists print a reduced version of each of the images on a quarter sheet of paper. Add any other information that you want to show through the clear box, and insert the slip sheet in the back of the box (the side that the end tucks into, and face the cards and envelopes toward the front. That way when someone picks up the box and turns it over, they can see the four images, the artist’s name, bar code, or any other pertinent information you’d like to show through the box.

To get the most inserts from a single sheet of paper, place four A2 size inserts on a single 8.5″ x 11″. Of course, if your card size is an A6 (4.625″ x 6.25″) or an A7 (5″ x 7″), fewer images will fit on a single 8.5″ x 11″.

box insert sample